We help you systematize the skill-building for your sales and service resources through:

  • Creating effective new hire on-boarding and certification programs

    • Aligned with your prospect's buying process and your corresponding sales process maps
    • Designed with an assessment of the objectives and meaurements for success
    • Developed as part of a role-specific learning plan - from exposure to mastery
    • Delivered as part of a comprehansive learning curriculum
  • Creating sales and service meeting skill-builder modules that are easy for sales managers to facilitate in sales meetings for reinforcement.

  • Developing and facilitating workshops for sales managers such as Sales Management Fundamentals (101 level) and Coaching for Performance (mastery level)













85% of sales training initiatives show no long-term improvement after 120 days.

(ESR Research, 2011)


When you combine customized, skill-building programs followed on with byte-sized reinforcement modules and effective coaching, productivity explodes 80% over typical one-time training initiatives.

At Hevel +Co, we partner with executives, HR/performance support managers, and sales managers to create and implement a customized skill-building “engine” that keeps your sales and service force fueled for the long haul.


Let us help you maximize

the return on training

investments in your sales and service force.

Contact us at dhevel@hevelandco.com or ph: 614.882.2315.