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Group Coaching for Sales Managers – Peer Power!


  • Exponential coaching value - peers AND experienced sales management coach

  • Real and relevant sales management topics and scenarios

  • Your own "mastermind" group or personal "advisory board"

  • Group coaching = lower-cost, highly efficient executive coaching model

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Fact: 79% of sales managers believe they provide effective coaching.  Yet, less than half are even moderately satisfied with their coaching outcomes.

[Source: DDI]

Fact: Sales managers are spending only 21.6% of their time coaching sales reps [Source: CSO Insights, 2010].  And sales professionals who receive 3+ hours per month of quality coaching consistently produce greater than 110% of their goals. (Source: Velocity)


Hiring a coach for the coaches in an organization is a very strong ROI move that delivers exponential and lasting results.


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Sustained sales performance improvements result from behavioral change.

And behavioral change requires practice and conditioning (not from training alone), making the coaching effectiveness of sales managers a critical success factor.

Organizations that successfully transform their sales organization into a  high-performance coaching culture achieve breakthrough results. 


What are the critical elements of this kind of culture?  According to Sales Executive Council research, world-class coaching programs:

  • Recognize coaching as a critical lever to boosting on-going performance

  • Create sufficient time and capacity for coaching

  • Ensure coaches and coachees share common understanding of their coaching process and it's value - they understand the difference between sales management and coaching

  • Train and certify all managers in coaching skills

  • Provide managers wtih tools and guidance to drive effective coaching sessions

  • Measure, evaluate, provide feedback on, and recognize/reward high-quality coaching

    If coaching is the most critical competency and activity required for a sales manager to be most effective, who is coaching the coach?

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For Sales Managers Only

Group Coaching for Sales Managers – Peer Power!

While many successful business owners and corporate executives are receiving great value and powerful results from coaching or their membership in peer advisory groups, sales managers are beginning to seek similar forums beyond the routine “manager workshops”.

Group coaching for sales managers provides:

  • a safe, non-competitive forum for problem solving, sharing best practices, and support in defining and taking actions towards your goals
  • tools for success both from peers in similar roles and an experienced coach
  • a cost-effective alternative to hiring a personal executive coach

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Individual Coaching for Sales Managers and Executives

Kick your personal leadership accountability into high gear – consider individual coaching to take your leadership effectiveness to extraordinary levels! Perfect sales and service manager candidates for individual coaching are those who are:

  • Eager for facilitated self-assessment
  • Motivated to uncover opportunities for growth and make powerful changes
  • Committed to action
  • Want to WIN!

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