Whether you're building/re-building your sales and service engine or simply fine-tuning, Hevel +Co meets you where you are - to facilitate progress and impact sustainable success.   Contact us today at 614.882.2315 or e-mail Diahn directly at dhevel@hevelandco.com to schedule an appointment.

We're not your ordinary consultants.

We're "dot-connectors"....

  • Highly adept at recognizing and addressing a 360-degree view when engaged on an initiative or strategic goal - asking the right questions to ensure business strategies are aligned with the right supporting structures/systems and cultures.

  • Skilled and experienced at bringing your internal resources, agendas and objectives together.. immersing ourselves quickly and effectively as leader-facilitators for collaboration or adjunct resources for strategic initiatives and projects.

  • Experienced at working with a variety of business improvement and change management models, tools and techniques. Highly successful at partnering with our clients' other external consultants and/or internal resources.


Organizations and leaders typically engage with us to:

  • Design, build, implement or enhance sales and service processes - aligned with customer buying processes - that deliver on brand promises and desired customer experiences.

  • Assess, build and implement high ROI new hire on-boarding programs and sustainable skill-building engines.

  • Develop, implement or improve performance management processes.

  • Design and implement effective incentive comp, reward and recognition programs.

  • Grow their sales and service management and leadership effectiveness

  • Communicate more effectively with their sales & service force to create lasting behavioral and cultural change.

  • Lead employee readiness initiatives for changes such as new/converted product launches, business model changes, etc.


Our Sales and Service Transformation Approach

  • Diagnose and assess - buyer processes; sales and service strategies, structures/systems and culture.   
  • Design and develop the strategies.
  • Define the desired, aligned culture and the blueprint to build it.
  • Design, develop and implement the critical structures/systems to align with and support the strategies - the supporting expectations, competencies, systems, performance management, tools, incentive/reward/recognition programs, metrics and organizational alignments.
  • Equip and re-build the team to deliver: job profiles, hiring processes, on-boarding, communications, education and coaching