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Salesperson Onboarding Best Practices

The business case for onboarding and how to implement it as a strategy to drive sales performance.

Hiring sales people is an investment in revenue. Use our Salesperson Profitability Calculator to determine your current, true time-to-profitability on your new sales hire investment.


Don't leave the success of your new hire sales people to a chance!

Contact us to learn how The Revenue Accelerator® to get them up to speed and get a strong return on your new hire investment.   Click here to learn more.  Or contact us today at 614.882.2315 for a complimentary employee onboarding readiness assessment for your organization.


From within the system, you can:

  • Define function and individual onboarding objectives, using our specialized methodology

  • Create content to ensure objectives are met

  • Create checks and balances that give you visibility into seller proficiency

  • Design feedback loops on the onboarding experience for your new hires

  • Manage participant performance through system notifications and dashboards

  • Integrate with any existing learning management systems

Today's Best-in-Class organizations see these highest values of effective employee onboarding:

  • accelerated time to productivity,

  • increased employee retention and,

  • improved employee engagement

                                                       [Source:  Aberdeen study - Onboarding 2013]


From recruitment through certification or mastery, we collaborate with clients who have made employee onboarding a strategic initiative

  • We assess the health and gaps within your current new hire onboarding process against best-in-class programs and your unique environment and business model.

  • We facilitate and build the roadmaps for a desired-state new hire onboarding program for each job function, collaborating with all key internal stakeholders.

  • We connect your existing internal content and tools and create new ones that align to both exposure and mastery levels for new hires.

  • We develop or enhance your performance management system, specific to the 90-180 day onboarding timeframe.


Whether your existing onboarding process needs to be enhanced or you're ready to build a program from scratch, contact us today at 614.882.2315 or e-mail for a complimentary new hire onboarding readiness assessment for your organization.



Hiring for your sales team is an investment in revenue.  Maximize the returns on your investments with a comprehensive, structured sales force onboarding program. 


As an authorized partner, Hevel +Co is proud to offer

The Revenue Accelerator® - a sales learning management system designed to help companies of all sizes and industries maximize and protect their new hire investments through sales person onboarding. 


Too often, there is a gap between the potential your skilled and experienced new sales hires bring and the realization of that potential with YOUR organization and YOUR products/services.  The Revenue Accelerator® helps organizations bridge that gap and:

  • Reduce new sales person ramp-up time

  • Increase seller performance

  • Reduce sales turnover

  • Build employee engagement

  • Attract top sales talent to your company (yes, many even use it as a recruiting tool!)


Learn how The Revenue Accelerator® could help you get a stronger and faster return on your new sales hire investments.   Click here to learn more.  Or contact us today at 614.882.2315 for a complimentary employee onboarding readiness assessment for your organization.