New Hire Onboarding

Today’s Best-in-Class organizations who choose to invest in new hire onboarding as a strategic initiative typically experience:

• accelerated time to productivity,
• improved employee engagement, and
• reduced attrition

Our clients appreciate how we help them:

  • Greatly improve their curriculum and proficiency outcomes through:
    • Defining and mapping the “know, do, use” expectations
      for the new hires at the specific stages of
      exposure/foundational, proficiency and mastery.
    • Developing the right program sequencing, duration, and
      delivery methods.
  • Save enormous time for internal subject-matter experts/owners
  • Translate their onboarding experience for remote new hires

Whether your existing onboarding process needs to be enhanced or you’re ready to build a program from scratch, contact us today at 614.395.2823 or e-mail for a complimentary new hire onboarding readiness assessment for your organization.

“Diahn helped us rebuild our new hire employee onboarding program with great results. I highly recommend her!”

Clients typically engage us for one or both of these phases:

  • Discover, Assess and Create the Plan:
    • Assess the health and gaps within your current new hire onboarding process against best-in-class programs and your unique environment and business model.
    • Define program objectives for the desired-state onboarding program.
    • Discover the gaps in curriculum and content that require development.
    • Identify and document recommended next steps with or without our engagement in Phase 2, including budget estimates in time and monetary investments required to execute and complete.
  • Design, Develop and Implement:
    • Build the roadmaps for the desired-state new hire onboarding program for each job type, collaborating with all key internal stakeholders.
      • sequencing and duration of each learning component;
      • appropriate delivery for each component (self-directed or online, instructor-led, application/practice, blended);
      • curriculum path variations for industry/function-experience vs. non
  • Connect and enhance any existing internal content and tools and,
  • Create new ones that align to both exposure and mastery levels for new hires.
  • Develop participant and manager guide to facilitate shared accountability for progress and success
  • Define and document the responsibilities and processes for onboarding coordinators, hiring managers and subject matter owners
  • Develop or enhance your performance management system, specific to the onboarding timeframe.

We worked with a variety of Learning Management Systems and can work within yours! Or, if you don’t have an LMS designed to support a robust onboarding program, we’ll use a unique tool we’re licensed to use and deploy for our clients. This system is specifically designed to support new hire onboarding. From within the system, you can:

• Define function and individual onboarding objectives, using our specialized methodology
• Create content to ensure objectives are met, including quizzes and other mastery check activities
• Create checks and balances that give you visibility into both proficiency and progress
• Design feedback loops on the onboarding experience for your new hires
• Manage participant performance through system notifications and dashboards
• Integrate with any existing learning management or HRIS systems you’re already using