Leadership Development

Investing in your organization’s leadership capacities and competencies these days calls for an approach that:

  • Aligns with the culture you’re trying to build or sustain
  • Focuses on key skills, habits and mindsets vs. traditional models to follow
  • Centers on action and experiential-based learning for lasting behavior change
  • Offers superior flexibility – from skills/topic selection to delivery methods (the right blend for YOU of self-study, e-learning, peer group, live webinar or in-person instructor led)
  • Builds ownership and accountability for learners

From our core programs listed below to the experiences we customize for clients, we’re committed to maximizing all the investments made in developing leaders. Contact us today at dhevel@hevelandco.com or 614-395-2823 to have a conversation about how we can best help your organization grow!

“This program has made a huge impact on my growth as a leader!”

Our Core Leadership Development Programs


Manager-as-Leader series designed for first time managers or those looking for training in the fundamentals of management covering these topics and more:

Performance Management and Accountability; Teamwork techniques; Developing (vs. just managing) performance; Formal performance evaluation process execution; Leader roles (managing, mentoring, counseling, coaching) and when to play each; Communications skills and Relationship-building; Leadership presence.

Optional Add-ons

All programs include DISC (behavioral style/motivators) and Strengths Finder® assessments

Leadership Practice Inventory (360° Feedback)
EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
Leadership-Based Strengths® Team module

Designed for developing/emerging leaders

Self-leadership; Modeling the Way; Inspiring (and Articulating) Shared Vision; Enabling Others to Act; Challenging the Process (managing change); Encouraging the Heart (motivation, recognition)

Comprehensive leadership development program rich with content, practice exercises, fieldwork, processes and models. Skills include powerful questioning, active listening and communications skills, GROW conversation model (for conflict resolution, problem solving, opportunity-action planning), effective follow-up and accountability, coaching through change and giving and receiving feedback.