Coaching Services

Often, organizations and individual leaders struggle to break through perceived obstacles and later realize they can achieve accelerated and more transformative success when they engage our coaching services.  Both individual one-on-one and small group coaching formats are offered, focused on unlocking potential and unleashing excellence.

Our Definition of Coaching:  “Developing People by Developing their Thinking”.

Our guiding approach and process:

  • We assume that the coachee is already resourceful and capable – not “broken”, nor “deficient”
  • A solution rather than a problem focus
  • Skilled questioning techniques by the coach
    • challenges assumptions, patterns of thinking/feeling/being, and unconscious habits observed in the client
    • elicits self-discovered insights in the client, rather than giving unsolicited advice or guidance
      We match you with the right coach for your needs

Our Toolbox

  • Self and team awareness assessments such as DISC, Emotional Intelligence, StrengthsFinder® for Leaders, Leader Practice Inventory® (360 feedback), Employee Engagement Assessment, Resiliency Assessment, Values and Culture Assessment and several change management models
  • Coach2Lead online portal tools
  • Strategic partnerships with highly effective, diverse and certified executive coaches
    Continued education through the Coach Training Alliance

“I’m now having much more meaningful conversations with employees and colleagues.”

“You’re an amazing coach and teacher. You inspired and challenged us.”

“Diahn is an excellent coach and very creative in her approach.  She is outcome-driven and guides you to create a direction that will achieve measurable results.” 

Peer Power! Consider our small group coaching format for:

  • Exponential coaching from both the coach and peers
  • Real and relevant sales management topics and scenarios
  • Your own “mastermind” group or personal “advisory board”
  • Group coaching = lower-cost, highly efficient executive coaching model

Start investing in yourself or your team members today!  Contact us at or 614-395-2823 to schedule a conversation.